first aid


Add HSE Accreditation
Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW)

Incorporated into this course are all the core elements required for HSE EFAW accredita­tion.
Attendees have the option for a nominal fee £10.00 to have a EFAW 3 year certificate in ad­dition to Emergency First Aid for Martial Arts.




Although this course is tailored to cover First Aid from a martial arts prospective, it includes all the HSE requirements for you to be a first aider in the work place.


Research shows that martial arts injuries mostly consist of:


-Soft Tissue & Finger Injuries
-Fractures & Dislocations
-Head, Neck and Spinal Injuries
-Bruises & Lacerations
-Strains & Sprains
-Heat Exhaustion & Dehydration


The course also covers:

-The First Aid Kit & How to Use.
-Moving the Injured.
-Dealing with Female Casualties
-Treating Injured in Armour.


Attendees will receive an Emergency First Aid for Martial Arts certificate and First Aid Manual.




first aid



Saturday 21st February 2015

9 am to 5 pm
UCL Institute of Education

Bloomsbury, London



(optional HSE EFAW Certificate £10.00)

To book a place on the course email: