The UK association prides itself on a very high technical and professional standard. Since the association was founded in 1977 we have pursued the best training and technology from within and outside the world of Nippon Kempo. During the 80s the association organised numerous residential training camps to Japan to enable its members to be trained by the best in the birth place of Nippon Kempo.

Our very high standard and understanding of Nippon Kempo is attributed to two Japanese grand masters, Professors Doya and Iwao. Both these experts made training visits to the UK lasting a number of months. Based on their expert tuition, our formal coaching system was setup in 1986.

Our coaching qualification is made of the following components:

First Dan Black Belt:
All coaches must have obtained at least a first degree black belt. This ensures that anyone coaching has an adequate technical knowledge of Nippon Kempo. As in order to get a black belt requires bouts to be won in competition, it ensures Nippon Kempo coaches are physically capable of doing what they coach.

Methods Of Instruction (MOI):
It’s a fallacy that becoming a black belt means you are automatically qualified to coach. Coaching is a skill set in itself. Central to coaching is safety and efficiency. Our MOI course ensures a coach is aware of health and safety, duty of care, prevention of injury, legal requirements and liabilities, anatomy and physiology and sport psychology.

First Aid:
All our coaches hold a current first aid qualification. The course our coaches do is martial arts specific.

Professional Indemnity Insurance:
It is mandatory that all coaches carry PI insurance cover.

Criminal Records Check:
1. In order for anyone to become a member of the association they are required to pass an informal vetting process when completing our membership application form. This ensures that applicants are a suitable character without a criminal record and in a suitable state of health.

2. All coaches have to renew the coaching certificate annually and notify the association of any changes that may bring them, the association or Nippon Kempo into disrepute.

3. All coaches involved in classes where there are juveniles present must undertake a criminal records check.