There are four stages to Nippon Kempo training:


KIHON: The Basics,

All novices must first learn to breathe, use their eyes and feet correctly. This is the ABC of Nippon Kempo. The basics are scientifically based and are effective for all irrespective of size, gender or age.



Drills instil instinctive application of the techniques. Drill is done both in and out of armour. This is what is unique about Nippon Kempo. Its armour allows realistic but safe contact drilling. You can’t learn to fight by hitting the air or a punch bag, no more than you can learn to drive by reading a book.


KEIKO: Practice Sparring.

You can only master something by doing it. Keiko is sparring in armour. We aim, once a student has covered Kihon and Uchikomu, to have them sparring for 80% of a training session.


SHI-AI: Competition

This is what it is all about. Nippon Kempo competition is a unique exhilarating experience. Our competitions are skill and technique based rather than attrition and knockout. Therefore, in our competitions there are no weight categories. Points are scored for successful and strategic execution of techniques.


The UK training programs goes beyond the physical. By black belt, your confidence and self esteem will have soared. You will be a proficient coach with a deep grasp of how the mind and body works. Part of the training curriculum is formal first aid and coaching qualifications.