Methods of Instructing & Coaching Level One



It’s a dangerous misconception to think that gaining a black belt qualifies a person to coach.

Prowess does NOT = the knowledge and skills required to coach.


The workshop will cover the following Elements of Coaching:


Part One: Preparation
How and why preparation of the dojo, body and mind is imperative.
Understanding the role ceremony plays in effective training and coaching.


Part Two: Methods of Instruction
The conveying of knowledge and skills


Part Three: Methods of Coaching
Effective application of knowledge and skills


Part Four:
Probation: a period of supervision by an experienced and qualified coach.
Legal Requirements: professional indemnity insurance and DBS check.
Medical Requirement: a HSE recognised First Aid qualification or equivalent.




  1. Grade: A UK Association of Nippon Kempo (UKANK) Blue Belt+ or the equivalent from an affiliated association.
  2. Curriculum: You must have completed at least the UKANK junior curriculum (i.e. yellow, green and blue belt curriculum).
  3. Enrolment: through UKANK club coach who you trained under (or an UKANK affiliated coach).


If you have any questions or require further information, please contact your club coach or email: